Mission & Objectives


To disciple and train church leaders and believers on how to understand the Bible on their own (exegetical skills) and to strengthen churches in their God-given responsibility to support communities to experience holistic transformation based on the Christian gospel. This participatory/interactive capacity building happens through both the Bible interpretation and Biblical transformational development elements of the training which wholesomely lead to community-owned and sustainable development initiatives as well as soundly self-theologized communities.


To disciple and train the church and enable her to train others, using a participatory curriculum that entails three processes namely: understanding, application and communication of God’s word. Through these three processes, the organisation promotes both individual and corporate growth in the active obedience to God’s word and genuine love for Christ, people and His mission.

To build the Church’s capacity through biblical transformational development training that leads to community-owned and sustainable development initiatives. This is reflected in their lives and transforming influence in individuals and families in the church and on society at large, according to biblical absolutes and in regards to promoting biblical reconciliation in all four relationships (with God, with others, with self and with creation).


  • The centrality of Christ in God’s plan of salvation and the believer’s identification with him through faith.
  • The authority of Scripture as the Word of God.
  • The centrality of the local church in carrying out the great commission.
  • The centrality of the local church in discipling and training its leaders and members in order for the church to be mature and growing.
  • The local church’s involvement in the assessment of its members who are being trained.
  • The ability and responsibility of the church and its members to practice theology.
  • A flexible curriculum to run on various levels in different contexts in order to suit the needs of the local church
  • Discipleship and training that feeds into all levels of local church life and leading to renewal in the church and society